Our Mission

To provide a dependable and technologically advanced alternative for software development, offering long term partnerships that medium and big companies can count on in order to satisfy their needs, offering the assets of knowledge, experience, competence, understanding, proactivity and confidentiality.

To become a venue and a begetter of highly motivated and empowered teams, with excellence and continuous improvement as key part of the core values; having rock solid principles centered on people, openness, sustainability and transparency.

To create a strong and fact-based identity that Variance Global Solutions is. A very professional, no risk and competitive way of getting the best value from software development, support and maintenance efforts.

To focus on providing global services, starting with North American markets and growing into Europe, Indian and other markets when the conditions are appropriate.

Our Vision

Variance aims to be a major player in the global software development outsourcing market.

We endeavor to be a top performing company and a trusted partner for our customers, as well as a great place to work for our highly talented team. We have set values and our values are our guiding principles that help us achieve our Vision.